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Beauty Bar 
Body &

Peach Paraffin Hand Dip $15

This classic nourishing hand treatment includes hydrating hand lotion + warm paraffin wax dip. Your hands will be wrapped in plastic wrap, then placed in warming mits while you rest & relax. You may choose to sit on a shiatsu massage chair or lay on a heated bed while the treatment transforms your hands from dry and chapped, to soft and supple with just one treatment!

Mini Makeover $50

Includes primal elements mini facial + pink jelly lip mask + derma brows

Fresh Faced $80
Includes primal elements custom faci‚Äčal + brown sugar lip scrub + brow wax 

Spa Day $80

Includes pierre f. probiotic signature facial + tea tree tingle scalp massage + o2 bubble mask

Hello Hydration $90
Includes pierre f. hydrating probiotic facial + peach paraffin hand dip + hydrojelly facial mask

Beauty Queen $95
Includes primal elements express facial + derma brows + brow tint + lash tint

Forever Young $105
Includes pierre f. anti-aging probiotic facial + peach paraffin hand dip + glycolic facial peel 

Save time & money by booking a Beauty Bar Bundle! Gift Certificates are available for all Body + Beauty Bar Bundles!
All services within the bundles will book automatically when you select your bundle on the booking page! You may add additional services when booking any bundle, but the services in the premade service bundles cannot be substituted or altered in any way. 

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