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lash lounge~

lash  services

Lash Tint $30

Lash Lift $75

Lash Lift + Tint $95
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Lash Tint + Brow Tint $44
Pink Jelly Lip Mask w/any lash service $4

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demi lashes

Demi Lash Extensions $125

 Light lash technique that adds wispy length & lush volume extensions to 

50% of your own lashes for strong, beautiful, natural looking lashes!
Majority of lashes will stay on for 4-5 weeks, some of the lashes will stay on up to 7 weeks, but 2-3 week fills are recommended to keep your lashes healthy & looking their best. Fills over the 4 week mark, or those who have lost over 50% of their extensions will be charged as a new full set.

Full Set Demi Lashes $125 

Demi Lash Fill $55 
Pink Jelly Lip Mask w/any lash service $4

Lash Extension Removal $30

How often will I need a fill?

Most of my Demi Lash Extension wearers find they need fills around the 2-2.5 week mark. You can decide how often you'd like to receive a fill: weekly, bi-weekly, or every 3 weeks. How long you can go between fills will be determined by your lash strength/body chemistry/oil production and how well you care for your lash extensions. It can take a few fill sessions to fall into a routine, but we recommend booking your first fill 2 weeks out and we can assess from there. If you find you are leaving your 2 week fill appointments wishing you were lashed a bit heavier, you might want to consider moving your fill appointment up from 2 weeks to 1 or 1.5 weeks. On the other hand, if you find you leave your 2 week fill feeling a bit too lashed, you might be able to stretch your fill to 2.5-3 weeks. You will be able to communicate with me during each lash fill appointment and we can continue to tweak your lashes/fills until we get them right! Please note that fills refer to replenishing the amount/volume of your lashes. There is no variable when it comes to the length of your lashes, length can be decided when you arrive for your first lash appointment and can always be transitioned at each fill appointment. My lashes range from 7-15mm in length. If you are looking for extremely dramatic lashes, Demi Lashes may not be what you are looking for. I specialize in natural-looking, wispy, lash extensions for those who want to look like they are wearing mascara, without the hassle of wearing mascara. See examples of my work below.

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lash lounge~

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