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W A X I N G + T I N T S:

Classic Eyebrow Wax $20

Classic Eyebrow Tweeze $22

Men's Brow Wax $13

Uni-brow $8

Lip $12

Upper Lip Bleaching (waxing alternative) $12

Chin $14

Chin Bleaching (waxing alternative) $14

Side Burns $12

Cheeks (p e a c h f u z z) $14

Neck $14

Sides of Nose $10

Inner Nose (Nostrils) $18

Inner Ear Hairs $15

Full Face (includes lip, chin, cheeks) $30

Brow Tint $18

Our semi-permanent color cream is specially formulated for brows. Achieve the look of thicker, fuller brows instantly. Tint lasts 4-8 weeks, depending on brow growth and lifestyle (swimming, sunbathing, etc). Traditional Brow Tint will only tint existing brow hairs, will not "fill in" sparse brows.

Brow Renew: Tint + Wax $30

Includes Brow Tint and Eyebrow Wax.

Lash Tint $28

Our semi-permanent color cream is specially formulated for lashes. Achieve the look of longer, thicker lashes instantly. Even the darkest lashes are lighter at the tips, lash tinting makes them the same dark shade from root to tip, giving you the appearance of longer lashes!

Lash & Brow Tint Combo $40

Receive a Lash Tint and a traditional Brow Tint together for a discounted rate.

Brow Renew + Lash Tint $55

Includes Brow Renew (Brow Wax and Brow Tint) and a Lash Tint together for a discounted rate.

Complimentary 24 Hour Patch Test

You may schedule a complimentary patch test (products will be tested behind the ears) by appointment only. 24 hour patch tests are recommended for the following services:

Lash Tint

Brow Tint



W A X I N G:

Under Arm $25

Half Arm $30

Full Arm $40+

Shoulders $20

Lower Stomach $20+

Bikini $35

French Bikini $45

Brazilian $65

Return Brazilian (within 4-5 weeks of last Brazilian) $50

Derriere Cheeks $40+

Areolas $12

Chest $50+

Half Back $30

Full Back $60+

Half Leg $40

Full Leg $70+

Feet + Toes $12

Hands + Fingers $12

Please note that hair must be 1/4" in length for waxing to be successful. If hair is too long, you may be asked to cancel your appointment and return after hair has been trimmed to the appropriate length. If hair is too long or too short to wax, you may be charged 50% of the scheduled service at the discretion of the service provider.